Father’s Day

My Jordan at 19-years old, already growing his father's heart while serving at an orphanage in Mexico for six months.
My Jordan at 19-years old, already growing his father’s heart while serving at an orphanage in Mexico for six months.

I’ve been giving some thought to Father’s Day this year. I am eight months pregnant with our first sweet baby, so my husband, Jordan, will be celebrating his first Father’s Day on Sunday! I’ve been racking my brain for gift or date ideas, because I want to make this truly special for him! However, I don’t want to simply get him something that is fun, but devoid of meaning. On this day, I want my Jordan to feel appreciated as a FATHER and a HUSBAND. I want to celebrate how important he is in these roles.

Sure, he has yet to stay up all night, walking the living room with a screaming baby. He hasn’t held our little one’s fingers as he learns to walk. He hasn’t taught our son how to catch a football, or danced with our daughter. But Jordan has been practicing fatherhood for years now—long before this baby was in existence.
Jordan has been loving on orphans. He has been making little boys feel like men and telling little girls how pretty they are. He poured himself into three and a half years of nursing school with the intention of helping sick and hurting children. He now works in the pediatric intensive care unit of a children’s hospital, where he literally spends his nights helping to keep kids alive and doing everything he can to bring them back to health.

My Jordan has a father’s heart. I want to celebrate that in him this Sunday. For over three years he has been the best husband I could have imagined even in my wildest dreams (and I am quite a dreamer!). Now he is preparing to take on another role entirely, one that is so closely connected to the first that I feel they need to be celebrated jointly. Our marriage must be close and our hearts united before we can raise a child together with the love and security every child deserves. I want Jordan to know how much I appreciate him as my husband first, and how much that gives me confidence in being parents with him.

Hallmark calls on us to make the dad in our lives feel like a swell guy–to let him have “his” day, with beer and baseball and a new gadget to play with. There’s nothing wrong with giving dad the gifts he enjoys, but let me ask you—are you celebrating your husband not just as a guy, but as a FATHER this year? The role of a father is SO important, and with millions of children in America being raised in fatherless homes (24 million, or one in three children, live in father-absent homes, according to the US Census Bureau), we cannot do enough to encourage and celebrate fatherhood.

What are you doing for your man on Father’s Day? Are you appreciating him as your husband, you partner in life? Are you celebrating him as the incredibly important father of your babies? Recognize how much you and your children need this man, and what a gift he is, then put some effort into how you express your gratefulness for him. After all, a father’s role can never be replaced.


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